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Modern eclectic food Restaurant with an Arabian twist

BOHO Social is a fine casual Bohemian inspired restaurant, lounge & terrace.
Our menu is a culinary journey into the Americas, Asia, Southern Europe and with the Middle East as its home base.

Step intoThe Circle

BOHO Social is a new social place and foodie destination, housed in a circular structure on top of Katara Beach club. Stunning bohemian chic interiors by award winning interior designer Paul Bishop and a menu that takes you on a culinary journey into the Americas, Asia, Southern Europe and the Middle East. Dishes that are familiar with traditional ingredients but infused with local flavors and a modern presentation.

You can dine inside the restaurant, on the terrace or book one of the 3 private lounges on mezzanine level all with breathtaking views over the Arabian Gulf.

The food, the espresso bar and non-spirited cocktail menu create a true fine dining experience, but in a very relaxed and casual setting.

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We focus on coffee with a culinary approach, by respecting the entire life cycle of the beans, from the farm to cup. They are roasted locally here in Qatar to ensure freshness and the highest possible flavour profile.

This is the true meaning of specialty coffee. We understand that everybody enoys their coffee differently, so our barista has created three sections in the menu to suit everyones tastes: the Espresso Bar, the Slow Bar and Specialty Lattes.

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Meet our culinary virtuoso, Chef Chaminda A.K, an award-winning storyteller whose culinary journey spans the globe. With an exquisite palette of experiences gathered from Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Thailand, Japan, Dubai, Qatar, and Chef Chaminda has curated an unparalleled tapestry of flavors.

His culinary prowess, adorned with numerous prestigious awards, Brace yourself for an exceptional dining experience as Chef weaves his magic, transforming each dish into a masterpiece that reflects the richness of his global culinary odyssey.

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We are the first online dessert & cake delivery business in Qatar, that can deliver desserts to your door in 90min or less. Our motto, "Crave. Bake. Deliver." promises just that! At DSRT Lab, we like to do things differently! All our desserts are baked fresh daily at DSRT Lab HQ Doha, Qatar and then delivered to homes and businesses all across the Qatar. We are the first unique dessert concept in Qatar. We are located within BOHO Social, on top of Katara Beach Club. We serve our creations inside BOHO Social as well as available for pick up. You won’t find your usual every day cake here, what you will find is the richest Red Velvet Oreo Crunch Cake with a Grade A chocolate cream cheese frosting in between layers of crushed Oreos. You will also find many East meets West hybrid desserts on our menu along with your all-time favorites with a personal twist on them to satisfy everyone’s taste.

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